Nadjeschda – The Danish-Russian American” – intro.

Around the year 1900 two young people fall in love in a village in Eastern Jutland. The couple is longing to go abroad but it turns into a tough meeting between dreams and the reality of life as emigrants.
The world showed them revolution, world war and poverty. Yet, they insisted on a life in the unknown. After 15 years of searching, they finally found the place, where they wanted to and had the possibility to settle down: Iowa, USA.
Despite a tumultuous life, they are gifted with a large family. One of those children was Nadjeschda Overgaard.
This film is about Nadjeschda’s life and destiny, An exiting story where we hear the tale of the dramatic history of Denmark, Russia and America in the 20th century. At the same time, “Nadjeschda” puts focus on the Danes as emigrants in a foreign country.
Produced by Storywise in cooperation with The Danish Emigration Archives. The film had officiel premiere in Kimballton, Iowa, USA on December, 2013 and at The Danish Emigration Archives in Ålborg, Denmark on December 8th, 2013. The film will furthermore be available in Denmark as digital educational material by 2013.

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